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Espresso machines are a staple in many coffee shops and homes.

Still, like any piece of equipment, they require regular maintenance to ensure they function at their best. If you're really in hot water, contact us at SAVE US SERVICE and we'll get back to you right away.

Here are some tips for maintaining your espresso machine:

    1. Clean the machine regularly: It's essential to clean your espresso machine after every use to remove any coffee grounds or milk residue. Cleaning will help prevent the buildup of mould and bacteria, which can affect the taste of your coffee.
    2. Descale the machine: Depending on the type of water used, your espresso machine may need to be descaled every few months. Doing this will remove mineral deposits that can build up over time. Descalers are made with citric acid, which is effective at removing these deposits and helping to extend the life of your machine. 
    3. Replace the water filter: If your machine has a water filter, replace it regularly to remove impurities affecting the taste of your coffee.
    4. Check the gaskets and seals: Gaskets and seals help keep the water in the machine and prevent leaks. Over time, these can become worn or damaged, so it's essential to check and replace them regularly.
    5. Clean the group head: The Group Head is the piece of the machine where the coffee is extracted from the beans. It's essential to clean this regularly to remove any built-up coffee grounds, as they can affect the taste of your coffee. Try our CAFIZA Espresso Cleaning powder to do this easily.
    6. Clean the steam wand: The steam wand is used to froth milk for drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Make sure to clean the wand after every use to remove any milk residue, as this can affect the taste of your coffee and lead to clogging.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can help ensure that your espresso machine is functioning at its best and producing delicious coffee for years.

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